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Upper Cervical


Video from Good Morning America about how UC chiro helps lower blood pressure:

Your spine doesn't only provide structural support for your body. Your uppermost vertebrae, in the cervical or neck region, are the most mobile, since they need to rotate to allow your neck to turn. They also surround and protect the critically important spinal cord which transmits the life energy from your brain to your body and from your body to your brain.

If a vertebra in your neck gets misaligned, interference can occur to the nerve transmissions anywhere in your body, which can cause pain in your lower back, knees, etc. You may notice a pain in your neck at first, but years later the pain in your lower back can be a result of this, and no amount of surgeries or physical therapy, although they can provide temporary help, will correct the underlying problem.

Upper cervical chiropractic seeks to analyze and correct misalignments in your neck so that your body's nerve transmissions can flow properly - and you heal yourself.

It's a painless process. You will receive only precise and gentle adjustments.

There are no massages, ultrasound therapy, hot/cold packs, acupuncture, etc. That's all unnecessary since once the vertebrae are back in alignment, the greatest doctor in the world is on the job - your own body.

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