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“I referred two friends who also
see themselves as 'fixed.' ”



I brought my son to Dr. Topping with much trepidation. I grew up in a family that feared chiropractors and shunned them after all the horror stories we had heard from family and friends. I was at my wits end with my four month old baby, who, since had been born had become more and more sick. Jack had jaundice for nearly six week and had been rehospitalized. During that time he developed baby acid reflux and colic. He nearly never slept and always cried.

After a couple of friends mentioned chiropractic and referred us to Dr. Topping, I decided to give it a try. Dr. Topping adjusted Jack and the next day he was a different baby. He happily played on the floor and fell asleep easily after a couple mind of rocking. This was not my child! Could it be true? I cautiously took Jack off his heavy doses of reflux medication, gas drops, and even the food we had started to give him to supposedly "help" with all of his issues.

We haven't turned back. He didn't need any of it. He just needed a different kind of chiropractor. Who knows the issues we could have faced if we had never gone to Dr. Topping. He changed our infant's life and greatly improved the life of our family when we were really struggling to keep it together with a sick baby on board. We are forever grateful.

Ashley Gallivan 


It's 10pm, I am heading uphillI at a stoplight one foot on the clutch and one on the brake and something catches my eye in the mirror. The next thing I know I am rear-ended by a drunk-driver. That was 1998.

For the last 15 years I have suffered intense and debilitating back pain. I had done all the prescribed physical therapy, chiropractics, and massage that the doctors ordered, but only two things helped (ever). Yoga and ibuprofen. The rule was... the more Yoga, the less ibuprofen I needed to make it through a day (or a night sleep). But too much Yoga and I would hurt myself further. Without even realizing it - I was addicted to those little "over-the-counter" anti-inflamatory pills. They worked, and I loved them. I had two in my little jeans pocket, two in my coat, some in my car, and had gotten to the point where they were part of my daily vitamin routine. Then they didn't work anymore and I needed to take more.

One day I woke up and couldn't get out of bed. This wasn't a rare thing for me, for the last 10+ years, this happened once or twice a year if I did something overly athletic like walked too far, sat at a desk too long, or turned around to check to see if any cars were coming. A good friend had been harassing me about seeing his chiropractor for a few years, I finally called him and he brought me in to see Dr. Topping.

I had already read up on the Blair Technique and Upper Cervical adjustments in general and although it made sense on paper - I had little hope. Dr. Topping was extremely hospitable, and took a real interest in understanding my accident, my experience, and my pain. He took his time examining my case. As is his procedure, he took a series of low-radiation x-rays of my neck (the entire time me trying explain the my injury was L5 (lower back)). He used a pencil, protractor, ruler, and MATH to analyze my X-rays. He measured my legs on this fancy machine and then explained exactly what he believed to be my alignment/subluxations and the prognosis. (I still had little faith but agreed to the procedure which immediately followed).

He spent a good amount of time lining me up on this special table, talking to me, explaining exactly what he was doing along the way. Then he applied some pressure to the back of my neck feeling around for the vertebrae. He instructed me to hold still, then the table made a click as he steadied me, and he said I was done. I felt a strange sensation as he helped me stand up, a sense of clarity and balance I had not felt in a while. He re-measured me and said "yup, we got it" and then had me rest for a while.

It has been about a year since my first visit. At this point I have studied what I could of The Blair Technique and happy to be on a path of increased spinal cord health, free of subluxation and free of pain.

Thank you Dr. Topping!

Brent Berger 


My three year old son, Eugene, began to receive services to treat symptoms of Autism at the age of sixteen months. He would not respond to his name, made very little eye contact, had no interest in his toys or people, and was just bouncing off the walls non-stop.

He went through a year of Speech, Behavior, Occupational, and Cognitive Therapies with few results. Due to his sensory issues he was unable to focus, which made it impossible for him to sit through any activity.

We began visiting Dr. Topping, and after the first visit there were noticeable changes in his behavior. He began to show interest in other children, his focus improved dramatically, eye contact was now there, and his willingness to learn was incredible.

His therapists, our friends, and family all were amazed and called his advancements a "miracle."

He now sits through all activities, will follow simple directions, plays with his toys, and attempts communication. I believe that Dr. Topping has given my son Eugene the opportunity to grow, learn, and socialize, making the difficulties that he struggles with everyday seem conquerable.

Rebecca Katnik, a very thankful mother 


No one has paid me to dispense the endorsement you’re about to read. I simply feel compelled to share my story as others suffering from a similar condition may benefit greatly from this information.      

Anyone who followed my short-lived career on the sand is aware things began to dramatically unravel in 2007 after an acute neck injury limited my mobility to a point where nonstop health maintenance and physical therapy care were necessary just to continue competing. And even then my game was submarginal at best, only I didn’t have another source of income, so the motto became “fight through it” or pack my bags and move to the third pillar under the ‘Pier.’       

Pain and tightness turned to pressure. Pressure turned to headaches and eventual migraines. Migraines turned to a life without light and meals spent on the floor. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.      

I saw chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, Rolfers, Heller Care Professionals, trainers, medical doctors, migraine, pain and cervical spine specialists, and rheumatologists. I visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., the Headache Institute in Newport Beach, Calif., and Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, Calif.  

Diagnosis by Karen Newcomer at Mayo: nothing. Mild degeneration between C4-C5-C6 (vertebrae of the cervical spine) and some moderately bad posture likely attributed to the pectus excavatum headlining my sternal cavity.      

Diagnosis & Treatment by Philip O’Carroll at the Headache Institute: botox (yes, botox) into the neck muscles to release tension, nightly nerve pain meds, Treximet for Migraines, and a range of motion routine I had received from at least 36 previous practitioners.       

Diagnosis & Treatment by Steven Graff-Radford at Cedars Sinai: two successive nerve injections and a Radiofrequency Neurotomy on the nerves surrounding C2 and C3. Yes, that’s right; I had them burn off nerve endings with the purpose of interfering daily pain signals. I resorted to the unthinkable. It was that or take a detour off PCH into the underlying brush like Junior Seau. And although it removed some of the immediate pain and pressure, it did nothing to fix the root of the problem.       

Fast forward three months… walk by a Busy Body in Newport Beach, decide to stop in and inquire about a rowing machine for my apartment complex gym — as normal exercise remained completely out of the question, even after the neurotomy — explain my situation to the sales guy, listen to his “you should see this guy” spiel, roll my eyes invisibly, take the chiropractor’s card, as to not seem rude, throw the card in the center council of my car, and then proceed to wait three weeks to dial the number and hear how this guy could somehow magically be different than all the rest.      

To make an incredibly long story short, it turned out the Neurotomy wasn’t my last option after all. Although I had seen somewhere in the range of 300 previous chiropractors over the years, this guy’s practice was unlike anything I had previously heard of or experienced — focusing on the positioning of C1 (Atlas) and C2 (Axis) and their relationship to the brain stem, spinal cord, and entire central nervous system.       

He used a series of numerous unorthodox x-rays, a prism-based stereoscopic viewing method to make each film ‘3D,’ a set of protractor-based measurements drawn on each ‘subluxated’ vertebrae, a heat sensitive instrument to test neurological transmission, a specific table to determine body symmetry, and a scientific technique to bring it all together and locate the problem so it could be fixed.       

Bottom line: back in ’07 my atlas (C1) was spun like a top and had been pinching off a host of pain related nerves just beneath my skull ever since. One adjustment, which involved zero cracking or spinning of the head like typical “chiropractic,” and not only did the pain and pressure disappear, but my vision improved, my short term memory began to return, and life started to seem like something worth living again. The procedure was most certainly heavy and intense, and prevented me from moving my head in any direction for 24 hours as a precautionary measure, but was, without a doubt, worth its weight in gold. My life changed the instant those nerves finally freed up, and I can’t imagine going back and feeling the way I did for almost four years ever again. And ready for this, it’s held. My body just needed to go back to the way it was meant to be and the rest has taken care of itself.       

That’s it. Don’t want to preach, just want to inform. I tried it all and my solution came at a small office in Yorba Linda, Calif. at the hands of a gentleman by the name of Dr. David Topping. There’s only a handful of upper cervical “Blair” chiropractors in California and not many more scattered throughout the U.S. Why? I don’t want to get too conspiracy theorist, but frankly there’s no profit margin in healing someone with only one visit. And that’s what practitioners like Topping are doing. They’re freeing up the nerve pathways from the brain to the body and finally allowing the body to heal itself. Not saying it’s for everybody, or that all patients will require only one adjustment as age and degeneration play an important role, but if you’ve got neck or back pain and have run the gamut like I had, might be time to try one more option. It could finally change everything.      

And in case you’re wondering, I will play beach volleyball again. Maybe not at the professional level, but definitely for fun down in Corona Del Mar on a casual Saturday afternoon.       

Hans Stolfus - AVP.com


RELIEF AFTER 300 CHIROPRACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!       

The first major difference that I felt was a feeling of being straight for the first time in 30-something years. I feel like I’ve been out of adjustment since I was about 12 or 13 years old.      

I’ve been to probably 300 chiropractors, no exaggeration, over the last 20 years. They used about every technique known to man. I’ve never felt really relaxed inside with my spine. I felt like I’d go out of adjustment within a day of every chiropractic adjustment.      

I’ve always felt that tension inside, especially in the upper back and neck. Now, I feel such an incredible difference. “Straight” is the only word I can use because I’ve never felt straight before. I feel relaxed. I can tell that a lot of stuff is moving around. There’s a lot of healing that’s going on. I don’t expect to be perfect right away since it’s been that way for so many years.      

I also feel joy inside that’s starting to bubble up as a result of the correct alignment in my spine, which has been out of line for so long. It’s a continuing process of feeling better and better every day. I’m very appreciative, to say the least. 


"I had worse and worse back pain for 15 years.  It got to the point where I had it every day, in almost every position.  I tried everything out there - doctors, physical therapy, surgery, other chiropractors, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Cranio Sacral, Reiki, Acupuncture - you name it.  I had resigned myself to becoming crippled by the age of 45.  My pain and avoidance of activity became so ingrained in me that that were part of my identity.

Then I heard about Dr. Topping, for some reason decided to give yet another practitioner a try. 

20 minutes after arriving, I knew that this was what I was looking for.  Not only did Dr. Topping help me to the point that I learned how to snowboard, and if you've ever had a bad back or gone snowboarding, you know this is saying something.  Dr. Topping returned my health, and removed my self-image of being broken.

Then I convinced my wife to go see him. She had had a bad car accident a few years ago, and since then had been suffering migraines, increasingly bad lower back pain, and bad allergies. One week after her very first visit, the migraines, back pain, and allergies were all gone. She's only had to be adjusted 3-4 times in a few years, and is a new person.   

Thanks, Dr. Topping. You succeeded where all others failed. 

Paul Hynek - EZNumbers.com


Dear Dr. Topping,      

I came to your office because of low back pain and numbness in my left leg.      

You checked my spinal alignment, took several X-rays and adjusted my Atlas. Almost immediately I noticed a better sense of balance. The next morning I woke up with a sense of well-being that I had not experienced in months.      

During the last four days of October, I went to Phoenix, Arizona to see the Winston Cup Races. On Friday a car went past my vantage point that was extremely loud and caused pain in my right ear. The next time this loud car came by, I turned my head so the sound would be on my left side because I have been nearly deaf in my left ear for over the last 25 years. Much to my surprise, the noise caused pain in my left ear!!!      

After this experience I began to notice a marked improvement in the hearing of my left ear. I never thought of chiropractic restoring my hearing. That’s not why I started with Dr. Topping.      

Also, during this four day period, I sat on an aluminum bench without a back rest for over thirty hours and never experienced any back pain!!!      

As of now, these two remarkable changes were brought about by your adjustment of my upper spine at the Atlas.       

I would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Topping to everyone with any health problems. 

Thank You,  
Bruce Kihn


Dear Doctor Topping,      

I am writing to thank you for your services over the last thirteen years. I became one of your patients while in elementary school. I was born pigeon-toed, and my family mistakenly subjected me to the care of an orthopedist. As a toddler learning to walk, the orthopedist recommended special casts be placed on my feet, which, in time would correct the “toe in” problem. However, not only did the special casts not correct the original problem, they also led to the development of a “sway” in my back. Eventually, I tried chiropractic treatment. Not only did you correct my toe in problem in a relatively short period of time, but you also made the sway in my back less pronounced. I am truly grateful for your ability to produce almost immediate results.      

When I thought my need for chiropractic care was over, I was involved in an automobile accident. It was at this time you altered your chiropractic technique. After taking x-rays of my neck, you quickly identified the injury and set out to relieve me of my pain. Within three months, I was feeling as good as new. I have come to realize that chiropractic care is the most effective treatment for my needs. Thank you again for all your help. 

Rachel A. Reidhead 


My daughter was referred to Dr. Topping after a car accident and gave me details about the concept of his method of practice. I was feeling very hopeless with a couple of herniated discs in my lower back. My pain was pretty constant and my quality of life was becoming more and more limited and I was depressed. I had tried about everything, regular chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, vitamins, various supposed long-term injections. I would get temporary relief, attempt to resume a normal life and I’d be down again in no time. I honestly believed I could be headed for a wheel chair. The advice was to go to see a surgeon because I don’t think they knew what else to tell me. Even my husband said to consult with a surgeon, just get some advice.      

I was not a very pleasant person to live with at this point, and I was very frightened. I was in constant pain for 15 months straight and had the condition for over 25 years. My first visit to Dr. Topping I could barely walk into his office and could barely sit the pain was so bad. When I left his office after my first adjustment, I could walk out and had some relief. I believe in what he does and would not miss a visit. I like everyone would like the condition to disappear overnight, but he’s helped me understand this healing takes time, and I know I’m healing.      

I am so grateful to my daughter for getting me to Dr. Topping. My husband is also seeing Dr. Topping and also has a twenty year old injury and is seeing progress.      

Thank you for your dedication Dr. Topping and your kindness.

Linda Sheldon 


In January 1999, I had an accident and herniated two discs. I was virtually bedridden and in excruciating pain and taking muscle relaxers anti-inflammatory drugs and a narcotic pain killer 3 to 4 times daily. My neurologist sent me to physical therapy at a leading rehabilitation facility which helped very little. My next option was surgery. I was determined not to have surgery unless there was no other alternative. Someone suggested seeing a chiropractor, but the last thing I wanted was for someone to start “adjusting” my back.      

My good friends suggested I talk to David Topping who was a chiropractor, but practiced a specific form of chiropractic (Palmer Blair) which didn’t include manipulating the back, but instead adjusting the Atlas (the top bone in the neck). I was skeptical, but agreed to see him. (I had been released from physical therapy and still couldn’t walk correctly and was still in constant pain)       

Within two weeks of treating with Dr. Topping my pain was minimal, I could stand and walk normally and after only a few weeks and now weight training to strengthen my back and leg muscles. I am truly blessed to have been introduced to Dr Topping and the Palmer Blair Technique.

Robin Foss 


Dear Dr. Topping,      

I’m writing to thank you for giving me my life back. I suffered from semi-debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for 11 years. I was only able to work part-time during those years and was not able to support myself financially. I was very unhappy about my terrible quality of life due to being fatigued constantly. After working only a four hour shift I would have to go home and sleep for 3 or 4 hours to recover.            

I am so glad that I found you! With your treatment, which lasted approximately 2 years, I am now back to a normal energy level, work full-time, and have gotten married.            

It was a very gradual recovery, as you said it would be, but it did come. During that time I also jogged about 2 miles one day a week (that was all I could handle-and it took a long time to build up to that!), ate a healthy diet, and tried various herbs and other nutritional supplements. But I had been doing that for years, and yet I was still fatigued. With your treatment, there were gradual but definite upswings in my energy level that happened within the time frame that you said they would. I am convinced that without your treatment I would still afflicted by CFS.            

I can testify that what you do worked for me. I thank God for leading me to you. Thank you Dr. Topping!

Todd Raynesford 


Dr. David Topping,

This is a special thank you for your masterful technique, known as BLAIR/PALMER.

I have been living...actually existing with scoliosis for over forty years. This condition has been exacerbated by my being involved in three rear-end collisions, which resulted in chronic cervical muscle spasms, and low back muscle spasms, as well as a balance problem, with the right leg shorter than the left.

For many years several chiropractors have attempted to offer relief for my misaligned spine, which had also developed ruptured discs during an active lifestyle. Not wanting to slow down or let anyone out-perform me during horseback riding on three-day trail rides, or while working full time as a registered nurse, I began to feel more aches and pains, and more restricted with joint range of motion. The last of the three rear-end collisions caused me to lose three months work, because I could not walk four steps without severe muscle spasms of the low back and sciatic nerve pain in both hips and numbness down both legs into the feet and toes.

A very close friend noticed me doing hamstring stretches during a shopping trip, (feet together and bend at the hip with head up and straight back) as a remedy for muscle spasms and sciatic nerve pain. She suggested that I might find relief from the pain by getting a different kind of chiropractic care, the Blair/Palmer method, and gave me your name. However, since the office is a considerable distance, I put off starting treatment. Then shortly after that my brother, who lives in Placentia, complained of having to be out of work for a week with muscle spasms in his back. I referred him to your care with the result that he states, “I feel better than I have in twenty years.”  I finally decided it was time to take a more pro-active approach to my health and well-being, and now make the trip from Long Beach to Yorba Linda for your care.

I am now able to walk two-plus miles without pain, and have good balance, since my legs are the same length. I am passionate about ballroom dancing, and look forward to being more involved. I still have some aches and pains, however, with the spine shifting and muscles, tendons, and ligaments attempting to come into balance, I look forward to more positive changes occurring.

Thank you for the opportunity you have afforded me to live my life more fully.

Esther Johnson, R.N., C.M.T. 


Dear Reader,                                                                     

My name is Carol Williams, I am an average female of 36 years of age, I am happily married, I have one precious six year old. We are very active in church, doing missionary work. I have a wonderful job working in an ophthalmologist office as an office manager.      

In April of 1989 I was in a head on collision. I broke all my ribs, had a major concussion. My arms and legs went numb for three years off and on. My back was numb for three years straight. I had that terrible tingling and burning sensation. After three years I seemed OK but still never felt great. Recovery was very slow. I had memory loss as well as my eyes stayed dilated.      

In October of 2000 I got another concussion. I had memory loss and severe headaches. I felt sick all the time for six months. Recovery was slow but I was feeling OK, but never great like I once was.      

In November of 2001 I started feeling sick. It started out as flu like symptoms. I just never felt god but could not figure out why. I had severe fatigue and yet at night I had insomnia. I ran a low grade fever.      

In January 2002 I started getting very sick. The symptoms went from flu like to breaking out in hives all over my body from head to too. They were so severe that I was going to the hospital to get shots. I started then blacking out, vomiting and lost all appetite to eat. As the months went by the doctors I had been seeing said they did not know what was wrong with me.       

March 2, 2002. Symptoms: Extreme pain in my face and tongue and down my throat. It feels like five burning in my mouth and it tingles with a painful sensation. Like someone is stabbing me with an ice pick all over my face and tongue. On most days it travels to my throat and down to my chest. It is so extreme at times I feel like I am going to die. My face becomes red and sometimes swollen. I use cold compresses to ease the pain. I also have a hard time swallowing. This has been going on for 16 months. It feels like I have swallowed a hundred vitamins and they won’t go up or down. This feeling is daily, worse two to three hours after eating. Throat and esophagus feels swollen, painful, sore, hot feeling, like I am breathing fire. Burning feeling goes all the way down my chest. In some cases the feeling gets so bad I vomit acid. My stomach becomes swollen and painful, I feel like I am going to blow up. I cannot lay down flat or I will burp acid up. This can last for days or months at a time without any relief.      

My right side by my rib case has been hurting for 14 months. I was told that there was nothing there, and it was all in my head. A lump was found five months ago exactly where I have complained of pain. I was told it was a fatty tumor. This lump is still painful after I eat. It becomes bigger, swollen, feels hard. It is sore to the touch, aches, and sometimes throbs with pain, usually at night. Pain can last for weeks. I run high grade and low grade fever. I went to my regular HMO medical doctor for help month after month. I had every test you can imagine.      

After an upper GL, Lower GL Thyroid scan, organ sonogram, esophagus scope and a full stomach test for acid reflux it was determined that it was all in my head.      

The doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with me. It did not matter that I was breaking out in hives, or that my face was burning and my tongue was on fire. IT did not matter that I was blacking out and could no longer work. It was all in my head and I was to go see a shrink. The doctor told me it was a figment of my imagination. Of course I was extremely upset. How can all my symptoms and this lump on my side be my imagination? They were making me feel crazy, and in fact I started wondering if I was.      

My grandmother has seen a program on TV with Dr. Topping. She asks me to go see him and she would even pay the bill if I would at least try. I had decided to give up hope.      

On March 6,2002 I went in to see Dr. Topping I explained all my illnesses and was waiting for him to tell me I was a crack pot and to go see a shrink. I had lost all hope of getting better. Dr. Topping was so nice and friendly, not to mention the staff. I felt safe in his office and so when he said let’s take a look I figured what did I have to lose.      

I have seen Dr. Topping a total of three visits. The burning in my face and tongue have almost disappeared. The spots on my face are almost gone. My chest pains and throat pain have almost disappeared. I usually have extreme fatigue during the day and now I am a new woman. I have so much energy I can’t even believe I was so sick a week ago. I have not blacked out, vomited and there are no signs of hives. The pain in my stomach is gone and my lump is not as sore or swollen like it has been.      

Needless to say, I am amazed and stunned, I am so excited to wake up every day and know I am getting better and better with each passing day. This is not short of a miracle. I am overwhelmed by what has happened. A month ago I had no hope, I thought I would eventually die and my son would me motherless.      

I thank God for Dr.Topping. He has changed my life completely in just a short period of time. I am forever in his debt. He has given me such a miracle and God has blessed him with a great talent, to help people who have been told there is no hope. The medical doctor made me believe I was depressed and going crazy.      

I know I have a ways to go. I know I will need to stay with Dr. Topping and work with him to keep improving my health. I see results and they are real, I know have hope again. Thank you Dr. Topping for taking good care of me and giving me my life back. I am on the road to recovery. It is an awesome feeling to go from thinking you are dying to feeling alive and well and back to your old self again.

A million thank yous,  
Carol Williams 


To: Dr David Topping, Topping Chiropractic

Re: Thank you! Please share this letter with your patients      

I grew up in a “traditional” medical family where chiropractic was a bad word. I would have NEVER gotten this treatment, nor would I have recovered from the debilitating neck pain/symptoms, were it not for someone who overhead me talking about my neck in a shop and gave me Dr. Topping’s name. She said “nothing else worked, but this did. Go see him.”      

I was very skeptical, but desperate from a car accident involving a head and neck injury. I was bedridden with the migraines and neck pain. As soon as I started getting treatment, the headaches started to go away. That’s not to say that it didn’t take my commitment as a patient to continue treatment even when I felt I was getting better. As I’ve come to find out, it’s a lifelong process. I was treated for about 18 months…the first time. I reached a point where I could function almost normally and resume working and fun activities I had stopped completely.      

Accident injuries, and in fact, any displacement that may have been occurring over a period of years, take time to fix. The full extent of my auto accident did not reveal itself until nearly 3 years later, though. Recently, it came on with such force that I was on the brink of neck surgery. I immediately went back to Dr. Topping I have to admit that it was difficult at times over the first months of treatment because of the extremely uncomfortable symptoms I was experiencing. But Dr. Topping assured me that this was part of the process. At the point where I would really turn for the better, I almost gave up. Thank God I didn’t. My spine started to completely flattened out. Week by week, my spine continues to send healing messages to injured areas, some of which I probably had a long time prior to the accident. Yes, the muscles in my back hurt from all the work and readjusting they have to do. But it’s for the right reason.      

It has been the most astounding experience. I have no doubt that had I not undergone Dr. Topping’s treatment and stuck with it, I’d have bad surgery. What I will come away with is a faith in something I once doubted and the belief that our bodies want to heal themselves if we’d only give them a chance Dr. Topping is an instrument for opening up those channels of healing. I am ever grateful.

My message: Don’t stop. Don’t give up.

Dori Rawlins, Patient 


To       : Dr. David Topping

From : Terrence M

Re     : My Health      

Dear Mr. Topping,

Three months and 3 days ago I feel I pinched a nerve at my left sciatic. The pain started in the middle of my left butt cheek to the front of my thigh, down the middle of my left leg across my calf, numbing it, and into my left foot, which was also numb. I went to an urgent care Dr. who X-rayed me, gave me pain pills and said goodbye. This caused 8 days post injury. Four days later I met you and within three days 80% to 90% of my pain was gone. The adjustment you gave me worked. My deepest thanks.

Terrence M.


My daughter was referred to Dr. Topping after a car accident & gives me details about the concept of his method of practice. I was feeling very hopeless with a couple of herniated once in my lower back.

My pain was pretty constant & my quality of life was becoming more & more limited & I was depressed.

I had tried about everything, regular chiropractic, Physical therapy, acupuncture, and vitamins, suffered long term injection.  I would get temporary relief, attempt to rescue a normal life. I‘d be done again in no time. He advised also go see a surgeon because I don’t think they know where else to tell me. Even my husband said go consult with a surgeon, just get some advice.

I was not a very pleasant person to be with and I was very frightened. I was in constant pain for 15 months. My final visit to Dr. Topping I could walk into his office & could barely sit the pain was so bad. When I left his office after my fine adjustment I could walk out & had some relief. I believed in what he does. I know everyone would like the condition to disappear overnight, but he helped me understand this healing takes time and I know I am healing!



Dr Topping,      

Thank you so much for using your Palmer Technique of adjusting the neck vertebrae only. I have undergone chiropractic adjustments for close to 20 years, and until now I have grown steadily worse. The previous adjustments would help (sometimes) and hold for a few days, and over the years I have needed more frequent adjustments and have been in almost constant pain.      

Your single adjustment to my neck relieved the pain (like a knife) between my shoulder blades, and the tightness of pain in my upper back has gone.

Sherry Varble  


Dr. Topping,      

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been years (like 20) since I have been headache free: when you gave me my adjustment yesterday, I felt immediate relief in my neck. The painful pressure was gone. However, my migraine was still there. I believed I would have to visit the emergency room before the night was up to get a Demerol shot for relief. To my amazement, my migraine was gone before I returned to bed at 10:15. My wiife and I are so amazed at this procedure and just hope it lasts forever.      

I can’t remember not having pain!! Please keep it gone!!

Thanks a million,  
Patti A. Brown


Prior to coming to Dr. Topping, I was suffering from severe migraines. I had tried everything from cat scans, experimental headache medicines, Darvocet and Demerol shots in the hips; you name it I tried it! After suffering for 10 yrs and doctors telling me there was no cure and that my headaches were hereditary and would only get worse with age, a friend recommended Dr. Topping. After about 2 visits I immediately felt relief. There were several thousand nerves cutting off my circulation stemming from the neck up cutting off oxygen! Believe it or not I had no migraines for 2 full years! I totally recommend this type of chiropractic to anyone who is in pain and thinks there is no hope! I am proof and I’m a changed person.

Nancy Torres 


For 15 years I had pain in my lower back, my tail bone, hip, and upper back.      

I had no idea this was due to my neck. Dave has done an excellent job with adjustments and talking to me about the treatment.      

My energy level has doubled and there are now weeks without pain. After five to six months I feel like I have been reborn.       

When I see people in pain I know how it feels, so I tell them about Dave Topping.

Daniel L.


I would just like to say that after my first appointment with Dr. Topping I was so impressed with all the knowledge he had and how he shared it all with me. I feel very confident in what he is doing which makes me feel so comfortable.      

After my first adjustment I cannot explain how wonderful I felt right away. I felt balanced on my feet, like he explained and I felt so much more clear minded.      

I was able to sleep through the whole night without tossing and turning. That might seen very small, but its not for me and now I know I’m on the road to recovery.

Marnie Capurro                      


Hi! My name is Thomas Boeckeler and I have bad neck pains for about 2 1/2 years.  The pains where causing me to be sick to my stomach and headache all the time didn’t get much sleep. By coming to Dr. Topping my neck pain is much better, I can eat and sleep much better now. Thank God for Dr. Topping’s help! My life is much nicer without pain.

Thomas Boeckeler


Dear Dr. Topping:      

My first visit to your office was not as a patient but as an escort and baby-sitter for my daughter, Erin Forberg (who had been singing your praises for years). She had tried to encourage me to see you as a patient but I thought I preferred the more common chiropractic adjustments - that snap, crackle, pop variety.       

While waiting for my daughter, I read your book of testimonials. I’m a bit of a skeptic. I thought, if this is such a good form of chiropractic, why are there so few practitioners? My daughter suggested that I let you explain it to me. What you explained sounded sensible. Coincidentally, you were having a new patient special and I decided to give your practice a try.      

I first became a believer in chiropractic treatment about 17 years ago. I had suffered with a low back pain (which periodically rendered me immobile) for 9 years. I had been told by my family medical doctor that it was damage sustained in pregnancy and I would just have to live with it. Each time my back went out it was usually two to three weeks before I could walk normally. It was during one of these spells that a co-worker convinced me to see her chiropractor…  I think that co-worker saved me from a life of chronic pain!      

I’ve never hurt as bad as I did since that time, though I have gone out of alignment - but when I did it was always controlled by a series of adjustments - snap, crackle, pop and I was on my way again… until a year ago. Last year I started having problems with my left foot, followed by a nagging pain in my right shoulder. Between the two of them my favorite physical activities became an act of torture and soon avoided all together.       

My first course of action was the chiropractor; however treatment only lessened the pain slightly and briefly. After a couple months I went to a podiatrist, He gave my foot a shot of cortisone and advised not to agitate it with any unnecessary activity. After a few more months I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who said I must have scar tissue irritating the nerves in both my shoulder and my foot but there is no way to be sure without looking inside. He prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to see if it improved the situation at all –  the drugs just numbed the pain. On my last visit to the surgeon he suggested trying the minor surgery. I was seeing my chiropractor plus the various other doctors and I was not feeling better physically or financially. I wasn’t convinced I wanted a look’n’see surgery.      

I had been living with the situation for over 10 months the day I waited for my daughter and read your testimonials. By this time I never had a good night sleep any more, I’d wake up after a couple hours and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’d put on weight due to lack of physical activity and was nearly convinced my condition was just part of getting older and here to stay. At the age of 45 this was a dismal thought.      

Now, after only four months under your care, I’m very happy to be sending you my own testimonial. My shoulder pain is completely gone and I sleep like the dead! My foot has recovered significantly and I am cautiously resuming my physical activity. Your initial screening of me revealed that I was carrying nearly two thirds of my body weight on one foot – no wonder it was complaining. I feel much more balanced and centered now. The real wonder of it all is how small of an adjustment it took – how gentle and so few - no more rice crispy sounds for me, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried so many other things first.       

Now that I have my head on straight I can feel it’s working on the rest of me. I’m also pretty sure that my daughter had more in mind than just a baby-sitter the day she asked me to drive her to your office (Child Psychology 101).

Thanks Dr. Topping, for caring more about people and long term health than you do about money!

Vicki Webster 


I’ve been to chiropractors before and had temporary – if you can call it that - my back would stay in place for at most one half day - but I didn’t have the mobility in my neck and I did from the very first treatment with Dr. Topping. Immediately - my neck was very mobile - I felt a complete release of tension - I’m looking forward to better health – and a very flexible spine (very necessary for good health) for the first time in 6 or 7 years.

Thanks Dr. Topping  
Rita Gillard   


I am so happy to have found this Blair method after 30 years of grinding teeth, chronic constipation, my arms swelling for no apparent reason; with the Blair method after one adjustment I stopped grinding my teeth while sleeping - something even my dentist could not correct .

I also noticed my digestion improved and I became regular, something that had not occurred since I was twelve years old. 

Three days after my first adjustment it was apparent the swelling in my arms was gone.

I am looking forward to bring good health and my body functioning as it was intended. Thanks to Dr. Topping using the Blair method.

Marta Monteagudo  


I have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I have been uncomfortable with the pain and numbness for a very long time.

I have been treated with physical Therapy, injections and other treatments.

After one adjustment from David Topping there was a change almost immediately.

I have not felt this good with any other treatment.

I can honestly say, for me, I have noticed a big difference and look forward to my healing process.

I hope other people find the relief that I have from my symptoms.

Thank you, David Topping.

David H. Suchin


Dear Dr. Topping:      

Having been treated for a “bad back” by a multitude of chiropractors and other professionals over the years and receiving moderate to temporary relief at best, I was more than skeptical when my trainer, Brad Graham, recommended I see you – “a ‘new type’ of chiropractor.”      

Although I found you immediately straightforward and very down to earth, my attitude remained dubious as I was “in and out” for the first six months. Only a commitment to myself, born out of desperation, kept me in your treatment and following all of your recommendations and advice.      

For the last three months, I have only been “out” one time. I am standing straight for the first time in my life and look and feel better than I have in years. I want to extend my thanks for your patience and exceptional treatment. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.      

You have truly changed my life!

H. Geoffrey Weiss  


Vision was blurry. I had a headache for 24 hours. I could not eat or drink or even talk. I tried to go to the movies but had to leave early because I could not handle the loud noise. After one adjustment from Dr. Topping I was cured. Instantly my vision was cleared and my headache was gone. The pressure was gone too. Now I can finally eat something.

Thank you.

You are my hero today. 
Darlene Graham


At the age of three, my daughter Sarah developed mild asthma symptoms which were treated by occasional doses of an inhaler. After a few months, the symptoms disappeared. Three years later, the asthma returned without warning and with a vengeance. Instead of occasional treatments with one inhaler, she became tied to two inhalers which had to be administered every two-three hours. The personnel at school had to give her medication during the day and my husband and I were up several times a night because she could not breathe and needed additional medication. Wherever we went with Sarah – church, family events, errands – we had to remember to take the inhalers with us. We kept the windows closed in her room and had to restrict her play time anywhere around grass or plants because they would cause an asthma attack. We even tried several types of air purifiers, but for some reason they only seemed to make her condition worse, not better.       

Finally, out of desperation (and several months without a complete night’s sleep) my husband agreed to allow Dr. Topping to adjust Sarah. The first night after her adjustment was the worst night that we could remember. I told my husband that, as strange as it might sound, Sarah was probably getting better. We then began to see quite a dramatic change. Several days after her first adjustment, Sarah went from doses every three hours to once in the morning and once in the evening. She began sleeping through the night almost immediately. After two weeks, we went “cold turkey” off of the medication and for an entire weekend she did not need the inhalers and did not exhibit any symptoms. The following week, she needed medication only twice. As of this writing, it has been over two months since her first adjustment and Sarah is completely off of her medication. She now plays around grass and plants like a normal six year old, we can keep her windows open and we’ve put the medication in the cupboard.      

At first we were not sure whether or not to give credit to Dr. Topping’s treatment or to a stronger medication that we had received from the pediatrician at the same time Sarah was adjusted. However, the pediatrician never told us that the medication would eliminate the asthma symptoms and, in fact, recommended at the same time she prescribed the stronger medication that we invest in a $200 at home inhalation therapy machine!      

When we look at Sarah now and then recall her previous condition the results we have achieved are close to a miracle. We are very thankful for Dr. Topping’s treatment.

Gil Gunstream


Please let me tell you of my experience with Dr. Topping.      

While stopped in traffic waiting to turn left, my car was hit in the rear by a vehicle traveling over 60 mph. My car was a total loss, however I was grateful that I was not maimed in the crash.      

The accident did leave me with injuries to the left side of my body, specifically, left knee, left hip, left rib cage, left elbow and left shoulder. Even more worrisome was the pain in my back, across my shoulders blades and in my neck. As time progressed, I was also plagued by intermittent headaches.      

My M.D. told me that there was nothing that he could do to ease my symptoms, other than prescribe pain pills and aspirin. He said that it could take months before full recovery or long term damage could be determined. I endured the discomfort patiently, waiting for improvement.      

About two months after my accident with slow recovery, an acquaintance told me about Dr. Topping and his reputation for healing people with my type of injury. I anxiously made an appointment with him, seeking some relief.      

I had never been to a chiropractor nor did I know very much about what they did. Dr. Topping explained chiropractic theory to me and described the course of action that he would pursue in my case. I agreed to his treatment plan.      

After several weeks of monitoring and adjusting my “mis-alignment”, my shoulder, neck and back begin to regain their mobility. My joints and spine were again becoming flexible. The stiffness and headaches diminished as my recovery seemed to accelerate each week.      

Shortly, I was finally able to resume my normal activities, including an exercise regime. I continued to visit Dr. Topping each month for monitoring and adjusting as necessary, to maintain my newly acquired “alignment”      

Things were going well, when about eight months after my first accident, the car I was driving was again, struck in the rear in a chain reaction collision. Sadly, my back, shoulder blades and neck were again traumatized by this impact.      

After waiting two weeks for my body to recover on its own, I again sought and received the help of Dr. Topping. Following the same procedures, I was again monitored, adjusted and restored to fitness.      

Dr. Topping’s skill has guided me through two physical crises. Without his proficiency, I could have needlessly suffered for who knows how long. I urge anyone who has had a similar type of injury to give Dr. Topping a chance to ease your suffering. I do not think that you will be disappointed.        

Don Williamson 


My name is Nancy Holder and I was referred to Dr. Topping after several doctors had examined me and couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem of my severe headaches, dizziness, and drooling. The headaches would last anywhere from 3 or 4 days to a week. This problem occurred after I fell out of a 4 x 4 truck. As I was getting out of this truck my rubber flat sole of my shoe got stuck with the rubber door jam of this truck. The truck was parked on a sloped driveway and when I went to step out the door moved when I went to hold on and I flipped completely around, heard my neck snap or something snap very loud and was afraid to move. I ended up behind the back tire and thought I had broken my neck. My hearing was clogged for a few days. I couldn’t get out of bed for a week. In the mean time I was undergoing treatment from another chiropractor and he mentioned that my Atlas might be out of place but I didn’t know what that meant.     

   I was asked to file for workman’s camp and told what ever doctor I was asked to go see that I should go see that doctor. The first doctor was a chiropractor who said he ran as many tests that he could and mentioned that I may have a CT section of alignment but, he couldn’t tell for sure because he didn’t have the equipment to diagnose that. He then sent me to another doctor and that doctor ran some tests and said there was definitely something wrong but, that the EEG was normal and the tests he ran did not indicate any abnormal signs but, that the CT section might be alignment. I was sent to another doctor and that doctor referred me to have a brain scan because there was definitely something wrong.  


The day I went to this doctor I was in severe pain and said I needed to be examined as I was going through this suffering so that someone could see the symptoms happening. It is then that the decision was made to have the brain scan done. I was told that if there was anything wrong while I was in this severe pain, that the brain scan would be able to detect the problem if anything was there. I was hoping that this test would diagnose the problem, and hoping that it would be curable because I was about ready to lose my mind literally because I was unable to function properly when these symptoms occurred.      

Thanks to the Lord and the brain scan. The test showed that there was a problem and that it could be treated through therapy. I was told that I had a bulging disc that was pressing against my muscles and nerves and that is why I could feel a big lump on my head and so much discomfort. It took almost a year (with limited use of my neck) to even examine me and I was beginning to wonder if anything was going to be done, then about nine months later I received a letter saying that I had an appointment set up and that I should go. I related to Dr. Topping that I couldn’t even make a simple lane change when I was driving because it hurt so bad. The first treatment I was given by Dr. Topping I reported to him that I went home and was able to make a lane change with much more ease. I related to him that it took almost a year for me to even notice a little bit of a difference. Since then he has relieved me of a lot of discomfort that I thought more would be able to do. I really appreciate what he has done for me. I’m very grateful.

Thank you Dr. Topping!! 


Dear Dr. Topping:      

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank you for the Chiropractic care you have given to me in these past weeks. I had given up hope and you have restored to me as well as a renewed sense of motivation to be in life.      

My neck injuries sustained from the automobile accident I had were becoming increasingly painful from “traditional”  chiropractic manipulation. I could not even put my head on a pillow without pain, I am now functional, moreover, every time my neck has shown the least bit of  misalignment I have been put back into working order immediately following administration of the Blair / Palmer technique you employ.        

Thank you for your help. 

Darrit Rawline 


For almost twenty years that I can remember I had a tingling sensation in my left arm, but since my adjustment the tingling has disappeared and I have no problem with my grip in my left hand that was awful over the years.



Dear Dr. Topping:      

I remember very vividly my first experience with low back pain. It was over twenty years ago when I was only seventeen years old. I was bent over a sink to wash my face, when suddenly my whole body became racked with an incredible pain emanating from my lower spine. It was like nothing I had over experienced before, but I came to know that pain, and more, as the years wore on.      

Agonizing low back pain continued to curse me throughout my collage years and into law school. During that time of my life, I went without back pain for several months at a time, but when the pain did strike, it often took several days to abate. Unfortunately, since my days as a college freshman, the various physicians who examined me told me sadly that I would have to get used to the pain since it would only grow worse as I grew older.      

The physicians who examined me were right about the pain getting worse. As I grew into my late twenties and thirties, the intensity, disability and despair that accompanied my low back pain grew enormously. The frequency of low back pain attacks increased as did the number of days of solid bed rest required before I could even begin to enjoy anything remotely resembling a normal lifestyle without pain. Even seemingly mundane tasks became true-life horrors for me. Tying a shoe, feeding the dog, climbing into or out of a car were events to be dreaded. The real pleasures in life—camping, golfing, travelling – were out of the question because the physical pain was too great a price to pay.      

Fortunately, a friend and co-worker saw me hunched over in pain one day, and he asked me about my condition. I told him only briefly of my lifetime of agony and how I struggled to live with the pain by maintaining a sedentary existence. He gave me your name and telephone number, and I called your office that same day.      

Since I had already been to a number of health practitioners in various fields of health care, I was not optimistic about your ability to bring me more than temporary relief from my living nightmare of crippling back pain. I tried to be open-minded, but my experience with other health care practitioners was deeply discouraging. You can therefore imagine my extreme delight and gratitude when, in a matter of days, I was freed from my suffering.      

I can once again enjoy an active lifestyle! Whether I golf all weekend, move furniture, or otherwise exert myself, I am pain free. I feel like a prisoner previously sentenced to a lifetime of torment who has at last been liberated. Life is now fully enjoyable. It is fun again, and I can be as active as I want without paying that price of excruciating pain, immobility, lost time from work and lost time with friends and family.      

I am extremely grateful for all you have done for me, and I will never be able to thank you enough! I zealously recommend you to everyone I know and to anyone who wants to live a life free from pain and disease, Please keep up the great work you do as long as can!

Very truly yours, 
Lawrence R. Phillips, Esq.