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“I felt balanced on my feet
for the first time in my life.”

Your First Visit


Going to a new doctor can be intimidating. You'll find that Dr. Topping will quickly put you at ease, listen attentitively to your medical history, analyze your condition, clearly explain the course of action, then confidently and deliberately give you an adjustment if you need one.

After Dr. Topping speaks with you and learns your medical history, he'll take a series of state-of-the-art X-Rays that will show the exact status of your upper cervical spine.

Then he'll show you your X-Rays in his unique three dimensional viewer, so you can also see first hand how you stand. If you need an adjustment, don't worry, it will be gentle, painless, and precise.

Dr. Topping will first use computerized infrared thermography to monitor bilateral skin surface temperatures to detect imbalances in the nerve system. Then he'll check your leg lengths on a customized table.

Once these precise and sophisticated analytic techniques are completed, he will gently adjust you. This kind of adjustment will most likely not be like anything you have experienced before.

There is no neck twisting! The adjustment won't hurt at all, and after it's done, you'll rest comfortably for 20 minutes, and then go home. The healing process has begun, and will continue while you're at home.

Your personal course of care will depend on your condition.